What is a Will?
Having a legally valid, clear and up-to-date Will is the very best strategy to help make sure that your assets are protected and distributed according to your own wishes. Studies show that on average 45% of Australians do not have a current Will. If you die without a Will your estate may be broken according to a Government formula – a formula that may not reflect your wishes and which may cause delay, cost and undue hardship for your family.  Your Will is most likely the most important estate planning document you will sign, so it is advisable that you have it prepared by an organisation which is supported by accountants, investment and legal professionals.

How can I make my Will?

By composing your will with us, you are choosing lawyers who are professionally trained to assist with estate matters.  Basically a will revokes all former wills and specifies who your executor is going to be, who the beneficiaries of your assets will be and is witnessed by 2 persons who are not beneficiaries under the will.

It is also advisable to arrange for the storage of a will in a safe and secure location.  We can easily make arrangements for this.

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